As we all know , we are fighting from long time about the common use in our industry and shops , of the terms ” Vegan Leather, Eco-friendly Leather, Ecological Leather, PU Leather, Simil Leather, etc….” talking about plastic and polyester materials.

These materials (Polyurethane or Polyester ) are not Organic Fibers; this means that , whoever use this terms to describe their plastic products , committ a violation of our Law 1112/1996 , that reserve the term of LEATHER and HIDE (and all their synonyms ) only to that products obtained from the processing of the animal remains , and preserve unchanged and intact the natural structure of the fiber .

Till today the indicted by law are 22 , including big brands name , forced to delete this terms from their website , catalogues , etc…

Link al sito UNIC Unione Nazionale Industrie ConciarieTo get more information about the term “Eco Leather” visit the website of UNIC – Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria: Terminologia – Ecopelle e Segnalazioni sull’uso improprio di “ecopelle”   – (Not yet avaiable in English)


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